Schedule publication and an appointment for fitness, massage, lodging, events, a haircut, lesson, assembly, parking, rental, taxi, teacher, tickets and hundreds of other services.
Highlight of some of the principal attributes:

    • Infinite booking jobs.

    • Endless providers. Their booking job can be managed by a service provider in your backend. Each service provider can also sync bookings (one way) to their google calendar profile.

    • Stats page for a fast review of outline info and your bookings. Service providers also get a stats page to see summary data on a job they handle.

    • Support bookings— verify bookings one at a time or mechanically support bookings as they can be made.

    • Send these out to your customers and Create bookings from your backend.

    • Command how your schedule functions by picking out a calendar style: Inline, Popup, Range or Nextday checkout or occasions.

    • Empower payments online with client checkout via PayPal Express.

    • Empower offline payments via novel now pay later alternatives. Send invoices to customers with payment contain your own instructions in the e-mail including the invoice or link to PayPal Express.

    • Empower both novel now pay later and PayPal Express payments at the exact same time.

    • E-Mail templates. All e-mails sent out with your own custom layout editing the master e-mail template separately by the system.

    • Establish minimal notice and keep individuals from booking letting a minimum notice period to you to make arrangements.

    • Infinite Google Calendar profiles. Sync your booking(one way) with google calendar the moment they can be made on your own website.
    Create additional info to gather along with the booking.

    • Set up prices for your booking interval. Prices can change by the day or time slot.

    Before the booking begins the system can send an e-mail.

    • Coupons. Set Up coupons your customers can maintain during checkout.

    Handle each booking as an order where you can send invoices for bookings that are outstanding, approve or refuse a booking or just see the whole record. Different perspective of bookings as they can be made with complete details of who made them along with any custom form fields info and extras revealed contained during booking. Also calendar perspective of bookings is additionally contained.

    • Empower non-documented OR documented users.

    • Set up seasons—a season can include group or a day of days where you can setup vacation rates.

    • Amount components—amount components let you enable customers selected an amounts that have fluctuating prices. Amount may also be limited i.e. as an amount is chosen, it’ll get deducted from the total amount you’ve set up for a day, time slot or whole booking period.

    • Infinite Optional extras as checkbox lists or radio button lists. Set Up added discretionary items with price your customers can choose during their booking.

    • Cascading or infinite dropdownlists lists for extras with price. Cascades can be set up where a secondary list will be loaded by an option in one dropdownlist and forth to an unlimited degree. The customer picks trail is filed.
    Chief strings are also editable from the backend.

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